Art Director

I'm an illustrator & designer based in Paris. I work in various fields such as tech, advertising and entertainment. 

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What I do

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    I worked for several years in advertisement agencies, creating campaign for international brands. For more informations, click the link below.

  • Infographics

    The biggest part of my job consist in creating graphic design for brands. You can see a few examples below. I'm always open to freelance opportunities so feel free to contact me

  • Entertainment

    I had the opportunity to work for the entertainment industry, from boardgames to motion pictures (Mario 2 at Universal Pictures). Here are some examples of images and illustrations created for this purpose.

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    Storyboards & Roughs

    I drew many storyboards for short animated commercials (Google, Ubisoft, Youtube). Also my job consisted in doing quick preparatory sketches

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    I also create presentations using Power-Point or Google Slides. Feel free to send me an email to get access to this specific portfolio

Commercial art

I also work for advertising agencies, creating visual assets such as illustrations, storyboards etc.

About me

My name is Baptiste, I am a designer and illustrator based in Paris, France.

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